DATEVALUE – Converts Text Value into Excel Date format


DATEVALUE functions converts a date which is stored as text into a serial number which is recognized by Excel.

Syntax of DATEVALUE function in Excel

DATEVALUE( date_text )


=DATEVALUE(“1/1/2015”) returns a number 42238 of a date.

Function Requirement:

Text that represents a date in an Excel date format, or a reference to a cell that contains text that represents a date in an Excel date format.

DATEVALUE helps in converting dates in text format into Excel Date.

More Examples of a DATEVALUE Function in Excel:

=DATEVALUE(“8/30/2015”) returns a value of 42246
=DATEVALUE(“11/22/2016”) returns a value of 42696
=DATEVALUE(“1/22/2016”) returns a value of 42391

All the above returns numbers can be changed in the date format by right clicking on the cell and selecting Format Cells and on the number tab, select DATE>> type and Save.