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TIME Function in Excel, How to use TIME Function in Excel?

Function TIME accepts integer values representing hrs, mins and seconds and returns Excel time. Syntax of TIME function in Excel TIME(hour,minute,second) Example:- TIME(26,0,0) = 02:00:00 TIME(25,12,0) = 01:12:00 Hour Value If hour value is greater than 23 then Excel calculates it by dividing it by 24 and returning the remainder Example: – TIME(25,12,0) returns a value… Read More »

Subtracting between two Dates in Excel, Minus Date from Date

Substracting two dates in Excel gives you the no of days between the given dates. You can Substract or Minus two Dates in Excel using a Today function and the Date function. The Formula calculates the no of days between the current date and the date specified in the DATE function. Substracting Dates Example: =TODAY() – DATE(2016,5,10) Returns… Read More »

TIMEVALUE – Converts Text Value into Excel Time format

TIMEVALUE functions converts a time which is stored as text into a decimal number which is recognized by Excel. Syntax of TIMEVALUE function in Excel TIMEVALUE(time_text) TIMEVALUE Function in Excel-ExcelBlackBook.com Example: =TIMEVALUE(“2:50 am”) returns a number 0.118055556 of time. Function Requirement: A text string that represents a time in any one of the Microsoft Excel time… Read More »